Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage is an Ayurveda massage therapy that uses pressure from the fingers and hands on the shoulders, neck, head, arms and face.

Indian head massage works on meridians interconnecting with chakras (energy within the body) helping to rebalance the energy of the body. It also stimulates the flow of blood, and oxygen in the body, especially in the head.

In Ayurveda, pressure points are called ‘marmas’ or sensitive zones. There are 107 marma points in the body. The head and the neck have a large number of marmas and therefore these points can be important for helping psychological conditions and nervous system disorders.

Indian head massage can help to release tension in the muscles or pain in the back, neck and shoulders.


In your first session you will need to fill in a medical form and I will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. This will help me decide how to deliver your therapy.

You don’t need to undress; just wear a t-shirt. You can sit on either a massage chair or a normal chair, or even lie on a couch if it’s more confortable for you. Most of the time, I will apply a deep massage and pressure on specific points on your upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. The arms and face can also be added, if required, to release stress and tension.

Although it isn’t necessary, Indian head massage can be applied with oils on the skin and/or hair. In this case, you may want to take your t-shirt off to avoid it getting oily. Alternatively, you could wear an old t-shirt or vest. 

A shower room is available on site, if required.

If you have had a big meal, it’s best to wait at least one hour before you have Indian head massage.